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EdPlan Insight provides classroom teachers and schools with easily accessible information about their learners. Insight displays current and historical data from our provincial student information system as well the data collected from localized and provincial assessments. The data is displayed back to teachers and schools to provide them with valuable insight about the needs of their learners and to help guide instruction.


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Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know to get started with EdPlan Insight.

Why EdPlan Insight? 

This informative video will give you the rationale behind the development of the EdPlan Insight tool, and outline its basic operation, and features.  

Class and Student Profiles

This short video outlines two of the most commonly accessed "class at a glance" reports available in EdPlan Insight. The Class Profile and Student Profile are summary reports that provide the classroom teacher quick access to information about their current learners. 

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EdPlan Insight Tip Sheet

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