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The MDI is a voluntary self-report questionnaire completed online by children in Grades 4 through 8 about their lives in school, in the home, and in the community, from their own perspective.
The data collected on the MDI provide educators, community members, policy makers, and families with reliable and valid information about the well-being, health, and assets of children during this critical time in their development. It uses a strengths-based approach by asking children questions about the protective factors and assets in their lives that are known to support resilience and optimize their well-being, health, and success inside and outside of school.
Historical Timeline of MDI in Central Okanagan Public Schools including links to District reports for each year:
2015-16 Grade 4 Students
2016-17 Grade 4 Students
2017-18 Grade 4 Students
2018-19 Grade 7 Students
2019-20 Grade 7 Students
2020-21 Grade 5 Students
2021-22 Grade 5 Students




  • Review the MDI Administration Timeline and distribute the Principal Package.

  • Share MDI Administration Portal

November / December

  • Distribute MDI Consent Letters. These letters describe the project and detail involvement for principals, teachers, and parents. Parents must receive the information letter 4 weeks prior to the start of implementation (not including the winter break) and have the option to withdraw their child from participating. 

January / February

  • Survey Administration. Teachers, principals, or other school administrators administer the survey between January 11 and February 28. Typically, the survey takes students 45 – 90 minutes to complete depending on their age and reading level.


  • School Results Available

May / June

  • District Report Available


Click HERE to learn more and to access information about the Early Development Instrument.

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