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Click below to learn more about the K-9 & 10-12 District Student Reporting Guidelines

(full implementation K-12 beginning in 2023-24)


In 2021-22, the BC Ministry of Education released a new K-12 Student Reporting Policy to be fully implemented in 2023-24 through the development of Board-approved local district student reporting guidelines. To prepare for this transition, over 250 teachers and Principals/Vice-Principals from across all 46 schools were brought together in April 2022 to share what they had learned over the past 5 years in exploring alternate ways of communicating student learning, as well as to provide input on the development of our local District Student Reporting Guidelines. In May 2022, a district working group of ~40 educators (comprised of K-12 teachers, principals, vice-principals, teacher consultants from various departments and members of the District Assessment Committee) came together to collaboratively develop our local draft District Student Reporting Guidelines in alignment with new Ministry K-12 Student Reporting Policy as well as the input from all our schools.


In 2022-23, teachers were provided the opportunity to use the District Student Reporting Guidelines in this draft implementation year, both to prepare for the full implementation in 2023-24 and to provide valuable feedback as we finalize our local student reporting guidelines.  In December and January, the District Assessment Committee requested and received over 700 pieces of feedback in over 200 responses in a K-12 district-wide survey, as well as input from many teachers and principals/vice-principals through several focus group conversations. As a result of the trends in the feedback, several changes/updates have been made to the current guidelines, and there were also various items that were identified as needing further clarification (i.e., FAQs). To learn more about these changes and clarifying items, please see the attached "What We Heard & FAQs" document.

The updated District Student Reporting Guidelines were officially approved by the Board of Education at the February 8th Board Meeting for full implementation in 2023-24 (in line with the implementation of the new Ministry K-12 Student Reporting Policy).

Purpose & Overview

Our primary purpose of ongoing student reporting is to effectively communicate learning with families to highlight where students are at in their learning, what their next steps are, and how families and teachers can work together to support students in their ongoing learning journeys.

As we learned in our district’s Communicating Student Learning Guidelines over the past 5 years, assessment and communicating student learning are interrelated, and the principles that provide the foundation for quality assessment also guide the development of quality communication of student learning.

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